Sealed Lead Acid Batteries (SLA)

Sealed Lead Acid batteries are a proven, long term and cost effective technology, able to deliver constant results over extended periods of time - which is why we use them in our cars etc.

They can deliver great torque when fully charged and offer great acceleration. They are the ideal choice for anyone starting in the sport of recreational electric skateboard riding, and are most suited for
minimal weekend, daytime or evening use, (great for zipping down to the local shops and back).

They do however have limitations compared to our excellent Lithium Iron (LifePo4)











Approx. 13KG

Approx. 3.8KG

Capacity density

80-100 WH/L

350-400 WH/L

Mass density

30 WH/KG

150 WH/KG


This however is offset by the huge cost savings that Sealed Lead Acid offers over LifePO4 batteries. If you are going out at the weekend it is cost effective to take a spare Quick Release SLA battery pack with you as a backup. We even know people that carry these in back packs and change them when the original battery pack becomes flat. At least you will always know that you will have enough power to get back home or to your starting point. At time of writing these complete battery packs cost around $200

Our Sealed Lead Acid battery packs are manufactured from the highest quality, deep cycled battery that we have available to us, they are not cheap 12V, 10AH or 12AH batteries, we use the same quality battery that are used to start Jetski's, Motorbikes etc. They are fully sealed and will not leak acid under normal use. They can be charged effectively upto 200 times, if you follow correct charging procedures. They can give a hard run time of upto 35 /40 minutes, with time above 50 minutes with comfortable cruising use at around 15-18 kph on smooth flat surfaces.

If however you are an experienced Electric Skateboarder and are looking for some serious extended ride times with rapid quick charging then we suggest you invest in our Lithium Iron LifePo4 battery system. Although more expensive the value derived from upto1.5 hour runtime pays for iteself in no time  - especially if you intend to use this as a reliable mode of transport.  

Which ever battery system you choose, be sure that you will always be able to upgrade as you require with a battery to suit your needs as your requirments change.

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