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Hi guys, its funny how things turn out. Over the past few years we have become a premier supplier of Fiik Electric skateboards to countless happy customers living in WA. In fact we sell so many skateboards to WA through our site that we have decided to put up this page. 

We are as you have probably worked out an internet based online retailer and yes we have our main warehouse in Queensland but 35-40% of all our sales come from you guys. So personally I would like to thank you all for choosing us. 

Unlike so many online retailers ( and from our experience walk in stores)  we love to hear from you and we take the time to ensure all your questions are answered. All we sell are Fiik electric skateboards and they really are the worlds most advanced electric skateboards, Fiik sponsor Joel "Parko" Parkinson world No1 surfing legend, so we all know a heap about our boards and our special unique relationship with Fiik personally ensure that you guys get the best service irrespective of where you live in Australia. 

By buying from us you really do become a valued customer, hey we even try to look after customers that are not ours just because we are great guys and believe in the product - but we really do go the extra mile for our boys and girls out there.

Unlike so many other retailers we are still around and going strong into the future. Our long term business outlook is exciting with new advancements in board technolgy always on the horizon. This means peace of mind for you guys. We get customers from years ago calling us up for a replacement part and we still manage to look after them. So when you buy from us you buy for today tomorrow and in the future. Being in WA does not mean you have any disadvantage to getting every bit of service that the eastern seaboard skaters enjoy, so if you really want to buy with peace of mind....Buy from us. 

Don't forget to check out or super lithium specials. Buy a lithium Big Daddy or Street Surfer from us and we will thrown in a Lead acid Battery pack and charger worth $320 for FREE.  
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