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Choosing the right Fiik electric skateboard is something that should be done with a little thought, spending $$$ on something that does not suit you seems crazy and whilst you may have a general idea based on what you may have seen or read somewhere, we at Fusionskate hope that this guide will help you make a decision that you will be happy with for a very long time. Knowing what you want and understanding your needs is all part of setting you up correctly and wisely.

To compare the difference between our great Fiik Electric Skateboards click on the chart below to see an expanded view.

Fiik Electric Skateboard Comparison Chart

Little Kids Boards

There are two types of kids boards (not on chart above)

  1. Magic Carpet
  2. Grommett

They are suited to little people around 5-8 years old with little skateboarding skills and are a great introduction to the world of electric skateboards. They turn very quickly and have a top speed of around 8-10 kph (approx 2x walking speed) which can be adjusted down to really slow via the wireless hand contoller. They offer your child an opportunity to develop excellent hand-eye-leg coordination skills which they will utilise later in their development.
It will also increase their confidence skills significantly as they start to master this board.

Big Kids / Teenagers

There are two types of boards to suit these up and coming skaters

  1. Pipemaster
  2. Rager

The Pipemaster is a highly responsive board suited to the 8-11 year old with its 250w electric motor, it is ideal for street use and in the skatepark zipping around up and over things, in the bowl, snake run etc. With a distance depending on weight of around 12+km on a charge

The Rager is aimed at teenagers 12-15 years old, with its 400w motor and super cool graphics it has the grunt to take the rider easily around the street, to school (locally), down to the shops, even with a backpack on and a traditional skateboard onboard, down to the skatepark so that you have the best of both worlds, Its also light enough to take on public transport - buses and tains and easy to ride like a regular skateboard home if you run the battery flat.

Adult Street Series

There are 3 boards in this series suited to riders over 16 years old. Choice of board is purley dependant on personal preference.

  1. Shorty
  2. Division
  3. Stinger

The Shorty is a great commuter, this is the board of choice for going to work on, zipping down to the shops, travelling around and best of all the Most Suited to skateparks, and the bowl - although not designed to drop in, once in the bowl you can pick up some wicked speed and moves due to its sharp turning ability. This is a great seller

The Division is the cool looking longboard, with its white deck and great graphics - this just screams summer, surf and Big Hills. Cruisng up or down the hills doing it on this board makes a statement.

The Stinger is the dark horse of the series, unassuming, black and attitude, rolling up on this board tells everyone you mean business - no fussing - just a hardcore skater. Like the Division this board is a longboard and very well suited to bombing hills and long rides.

Adult OFF ROAD Series

The 2 boards in this series suited to riders over 16 years old (although we do have riders as young as 10 skating these with their dads !!!) .

  1. Street Surfer
  2. Big Daddy

The Street Surfer This is the greatest looking Fiik Electric Skateboard to date. With its striking red and white vertical lines, it embodies the true feel of surfing and brings it home to the pavement where you can ride the endless wave irrespective of what the ocean is doing. This is the MOST POPULAR Fiik electric skateboard of all time. A true classic. With its large pneumatic smooth tyres, it offers a street ride like nothing else. You really are gliding on air with this board. It is so well suited to the beach culture here in Australia with a top speed of 36kph and a distace with the lithium battery pack of around  20km's this 800w motor has plenty of grunt to keep you coming back for more and more.  A truly well mannered and beaut board to ride on the road, hard sandy beach or grass

The Big Daddy  Often referred to as the "Hummer" of Skateboards this board screams "WOW". With its oversized grippy tyres this setup is the go anywhere board, able to transverse steep grassy embankments easily, dry dirt bush track, mulchy off road terrain, road and bitumen this really is the ultimate OFF ROAD SKATEBOARD - the end !!!! Due to its larger tyre size the speed of this is amazing it is able to achieve speeds of up to 40mph with great acceleration, easily propelling it up long steep hills (10+%). The great thing about this board is that it can take in its stride everything you can throw at it at a BMX track. It just keeps powering over those hills and bites into those turns. Although marginally less well mannered on the blacktop than the street surfer, with the ride a little noisier due to the more aggresive tyre pattern, its is still a great all rounder geared more to the bush.




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