Fiik Electric Skate Board Maintenance

Your Fiik electric skateboard is a quality piece of sports equipment, it is made from the best components and material available to offer you an exceptional and reliable ride. However like all equipment it requires that you respect and look after it so that it does not let you down.

Although the Skate boards are simple in their construction they require a few points of maintenance.

Off Road - Big Daddy & Street Surfer
The number 1 point of maintenance for the off road skateboards - Belt Maintenance and replacement. The belts especially on any board running off road chunky tyres will wear quicker than normal tyres and quicker again than the street series boards.

The belts will always wear more quickly depending on how you drive the board.
The general points are...

  • Reduce heavy and exagerated braking, especially heading down a steep embankment.
  • Try not to drive up steep hills if the board is labouring, especially from a standing start.
  • Powerslides and sliding tricks will place stress on the belts
  • Try not to get belts wet as you will need less of above to cause wear and tear.

However in saying all of this, I still powerslide, I still drive up steep hills, and occasionally brake really hard and pull skids in the wet, sure I get through my belts quickly but thats the cost of the sport, would I skate like a scared child - NO WAY, I am having way too much fun. I always have spare belts on hand.

When a belt is starting to fail it will start to click as you accelerate, if its really bad it will start to make some unhealty sounds - if its squeeling its almost over, be really gentle with the accelerator as its on its last few threads, turn around and go home as its only a short time before it will fail and that means carrying the board home - Not Fun especially with a big off roader. I always carry enough money for a cab home. So listen to the warning sounds.

We always carry spare belts so gives us a call and we can send a few out to you, preferably before they fail !!!!

Always ensure that you have a good supply of belts if you are a serious about using the boards often.

As a general rule.

  • Street series boards belts last quite a long time
  • Street Surfer Off Road Belts will last upto 200+ km (not guaranteed - as depend upon drinving style)
  • Big Daddy Off Road Belts chew through the quickest and may last upto 100 - 150+ km but depends totally upon driving style, Start chewing up the dirt, running through the sand, speeding up steep grassy hills and excessive braking and this figure may be reduced considerably.

But one thing is for sure, if you did get through your belt too quick its because you were having way too much fun and giving the board heaps. LOL and I wouldn't have it any other way. That's the cost of slateboarding I quess. !!!

Here's a great video on how to change your belt and change an innertube on the Fiik off road series.

N.B. - when removing the wheel, always remember to use a couple of 10mm spanners to check and tighten the 4 nylock nuts and bolts that hold the case housing to the truck, (maybe add some locktite to the nuts to be sure) - not mentioned in Video - HOWEVER we now have a great video below showing how to apply Locktite to these bolts to fix this problem

Street Series Boards.

These boards are much better on the belts as the stress's involved in riding them are much less. However they will still blow belts if you abuse them too much

The things to becarful with are...

  • Heavy braking especially coming down a steep hlll, always apply the brake in advance and gently
  • Really steep hill climbs especially from a standing start - try to get a run up.
  • Riding in the rain and especially climbing steep hills and heavy braking will speed up the deterioration of your belt.

Again there may be some clicking before the belt is about to fail, get home and change your belt to ensure an uninerrupted ride.

Follow the instructional video below to change the belt.

Cleaning Your Deck

Your deck comes with a printed grip tape surface that should give you a long and durable ride, in order to keep you deck clean we advise you that you damp cloth off any marks such as mud and dirt. Using a stiff broom or brush to clean your deck should also help keep your surface clean.

An occasional spray underneath of a silicone spray such as amoural around the wood panelling, the trucks and battery case etc then cleaned off with a cloth should help against dirt and water.

Your wheel bearings are sealed industrial bearings and apart from keeping them dry should not require too much maintenance. Its good to just take off the wheels occasionally and wipe off the dirt from the out side surface of the bearings.

To find out how to do all this just watch the following instructional video.

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Changing your computer on your Fiik Electric Skateboard

For what ever reason you may need to change the computer module on your Fiik Electric Skateboard, so here is the video .


Essential Maintenance - Tightening the Casing / Truck Nuts & Bolts

Especially after riding your Fiik Off Road electric skateboard for some time, you may notice that the bolts holding the belt casing firmly to the truck may come loose. If this is the case then you need to tighten these up. In our experience further loosening may be averted by applying a drop of Locktite. So here is a great video made by us on how to fix this.

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