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A great collection of Fiik Electric Skateboard Video Clips. These video clips are mostly produced by us here at Fusionskate to share with you the excitement and thrill of riding a great electric skateboard by Australian Electric Skateboard Company Fiik.






Added 17th Jan 2011- A sneek preview of our Fiik Electric Skateboard Manufacturing Plant

Added 17th Jan 2011 - The Worlds Youngest Fiik Electric Skateboarder - Riding the Blue Magic Carpet

Added 12th Dec  2010 - Doug & Eddy Skating  The Off Road Electric Skateboard at the Local BMX Track, QLD, Australia

Added 9th  Nov   2010 - A great clip skating around the Kawana Lake, QLD, Australia

Added 20th Sept 2010 - A short clip taking the Big daddy up an embankment

 Added 16th Sept 2010 - Tom shredding up a Fiik Street Series "Stinger"

Added 13 Sept 2010 - Taking your 1st Lesson - How to Ride a Fiik Skateboard - Featuring the Electric Skateboard the Street Surfer

Added sept 10th 2010 - Part of the making of the official video and photo shoot for fiik - good viewing

Added 10th sept 2010

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