Maintenance FAQ's

When should I change my drive belt ?

You should change the drive belt when you hear it clicking, if  you hear clicking slightly when you take off then the belts on the way out. If you hear clciking everytime you accelerate, then turn around go home and change the belt as its just about to break. The street series 600w and below rarely break belts. The off road boards can go through them more frequently. As a rule if you brake heavily - especially downhill you will stress the belts more - but its good fun and we always sell belts so dont stress if you break some. Also skating up steep hills from a standing start may stress your belts out too much, so be sensible

Is there any adjustments I need to make ?

General awareness of nuts and bolts and make sure that they are tight, there are no other servicable adjustmenst to make the board perform better.

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