Battery FAQ's

How long to recharge my battery ?
If your battery is totally flat it will take 5-6 hours to fully charge, however both the lead acid and lithium battery will continue to charge from a half empty battery with a reduced time depending on how flat the battery is initially.

How many charges can i get from a battery ?
You can get approximately
200 full cycle charges from a lead acid battery
500 full cycle charges from a lithium battery

How much does it cost to charge up my battery ?
The cost approximately to recharge your battery is 1 cent per hour to full charge. If you battery is fully discharged then it may take 6 hours to fully charge -  so that is about 6 cents. From a half charge it will take about 3 hours so thats about 3 cents.

Is it OK to fully discharge my battery ?
Yes both our lead acid and our lithium batteries are Deep Cycle batteries, which means unlike a car battery they can be fully discharged and recharged without damage.

I took my board out - it was really hot then everything stopped ?
On really hot days, especially if transversing many hills, the current draw from your battery to the motor may be so high that it causes the safety 30Amp fuses to blow which are located within the battery compartment. Simply remove the old fuses and replace with new fuses - Hot Tip: buy a packet of 30 Amp green blade fuses and wedge them inside the battery compartment ready for you if needed.

I ran my board into the water -  will the battery be OK ?
Your chances of damaging your battery are increased monumentally for every second its submersed in the water. A quick dunk of less than 1-2 seconds maybe OK, running off a jetty into 10 feet of water is a definite battery replacement along with a new motor, new computer. new trasnmitter, new wheel bearings - In fact just logon to our store and purchase a new board which will be as much as replacing everything.  Be careful of water and don't laugh, we know of Fiik riders which have done this !!!




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