Board Difference's

What is the difference between the boards ?
We have 3 distinct types of boards

Kids Boards
Street Boards
Off Road Boards.

  • The kids boards run a 150w motor with a 24volt battery and are suitable for children 5-8 years old.
  • The next level of board is the Pipe Master and Rager running again 24volt and a 250w & 400w motors, suited to a preteen and teenage kid.
  • The next range is the Street Series running a 600w motor and 36volts, plenty of grunt and suitable for adults up to 120kg
  • The final range is the Off Road Series, sporting 800w motors and 36volts, capable of carrying weights of up to 135kg this is the "take you anywhere board"

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Can anyone ride any board ?
No - stick to the miniumum and maximum weights for each board to maximise both safety and enjoyability.

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