General FAQ's

I want to Buy a Board How long will it take to get ?
Usually from the time of order it can take around 5-10 days before your skateboard is delivered to your door, but this depends on factors such as public holidays, Christmas, stock availability and of course location from our warehouse in Brisbane.

Will you deliver anywhere in Australia ?
Generally Yes, however if its in the far north of WA such as the Pilbara or some outback station in Central NT there may be a greater delay than normal. Please bear this in mind. We will however attempt to deliver anywhere there are services available by our courier TNT.

How do I set my board up when I get It ?
Take the board out of the box, If its a lead acid battery place it on charge immediately and take off again when the charger light turns from red to green. Open up the battery compartment on the wireless hand controller and move the Micro Switch inside towards yourself  to initiate maximum speed of the skateboard as you require. Place the supplied 9v battery inside the wireless contoller handgrip. If you have a board with pneumatic air tyres - PUMP them up before you go for a ride to 35psi.  Switch on the electric skateboard at the switch on the computer control module, stand on the board then switch on the hand controller from 0 to 1 position, a beep will be heard and you should now be connected to the skateboard. Now your ready to roll.

How do I accelerate ?
By gently pulling the trigger towards you a steady flow of power will flow to the drive wheel accelerating you forward.

How do I brake ?
By gently pushing the trigger away from you this will decrease the power flow to the drive wheels by applying the electrical brake to the motor, this will  initiates the ABS - yes our skateboards have ABS braking meaning that the wheels won't generally lock up throwing you off in the process.

How far will my skateboard travel ?
This is the most frequently asked question of all.

Before we embark on this topic, please let me bring to your attention some significant mistruths. There are many websites out there in cyberspace touting that you will achieve up to 3 hours run time whilst advertising the stats and price of a Lead Acid Battery powered skateboard - not even a lithium battery pack. These statements are just not true, they are blatent lies written by uninformed business owners which have stretched the truth. Trouble is one business writes something and spices it up, another business adds a bit on that and posts it and so it goes on. 12 months later we see people selling Fiik skateboards stating 3 hours run time and a charge rate of just 3 hours.
We have spent months tabulating and testing our boards results and publishing them so that you the customers feels confident and secure in your purchase. We don't lie or stretch the truth to make a sale, we tell it like it is so that you know what to expect.

So here are the truthful stats.
There are many variables which will impact on the distance that any electric skateboard can travel
, but being electric the most important variables are

  • weight carried (the rider)
  • speed
  • surface resistance

The heavier you are as a skater, the less you will travel, you can take off 1km approx for every 8-10kg over  70kg for a distance of 20km for lithium and 12km for lead acid.
The faster you hold that trigger at top speed the less distance you will travel, holding the trigger at around 50-70% of full power will deliver the longest distance. Don't over brake as take off uses heaps of power. Think of it like driving a car on the freeway compared to around town.
Surface resistance plays a huge factor. The best surface is super smooth concrete pathways - great if you can get them for extended distances. Bike paths and the blacktop are OK. Grass - especially wet or long grass will reduce you distance and hard sand sucks up the juice even more

So here are the ideal numbers at about 70% top speed travelling as straight as possible for an adult rider of about 70kg

Street series boards lead acid battery 9-10km (35-45 minutes runtime)
Street series boards lithium battery    15-16km (60-70 minutes runtime)

Street Surfer off road board lead acid battery 10-12km (50 minutes runtime)
Street Surfer off road board lithium battery      18-20km (70-90 minutes runtime)

Big Daddy off road board lead acid battery 10-12km (50 minutes runtime)
Big Daddy off road board lithium battery     18-20km (70-90 minutes runtime)

Can I travel up & down hill ?
Yes travelling up hill is possible, the smaller street boards can tackle steep hills up to 20% for shorter periods of time, the off road boards can handle hills up tp 15-16% depending on weight of rider. Try to get a start up before you approach the hill, the steeper the hill the less you want to initiate a cold hill start half way up. If you do have to do a hill start then accelerate slowly and increase as you start to pick up distance. If your belt starts to click then turn around and go back down.

Travelling downhill should always be done under braking unless you feel confident that there are no obstacles in you way, It is quite OK to allow the trigger position to remain in neutral as you cruise down accelerating as you need. Accelerating at full throttle whilst heading down an steep gradient hill should not be done unless you are totally confident with the pathway and are wearing full padding and a helmet. Do not ride outside your skill level. Injury or worse may occur  whilst travelling downhill at full speed. We always recommend that you ride safely and apply braking accordingly to slow down. Because of their braking system these skateboards are generally safer than skating downhill on a normal skateboard.

Can I bump up curbs and ride over ramps ?
Street boards should not bump up curbs, damage to trucks and the skateboard may occur. Off road boards may bump up curbs 50mm in height at low speed. No boards should attempt taking off ramps and partaking in jumps or air.

What is the maximum weight I can ride on my board ?
Our boards are designed for everyday people, the kids boards have a top weight of 65kg, the off road boards have a max weight of 135kg. Refer to your operators manual for the exact weight of your skateboards. If you are over the maximum weight designed for your board please ride with caution as you may stress the boards motor beyond its safe working load, Multiple people should never ride one board at the same time.

How should I clean my board ?
Cleaning your board is one of your key maintenance points. Do not soak the board, or spray with a hose, simple get a wet cloth and rub off any dirt with the cloth - maybe use a scrubbing brush on stubborn marks. With a damp cloth clean the underside of the board, the trucks, battery, wheel sidewalls etc.

How should I store my board ?
After you have cleaned your board, if you are going to store it for extended periods of time disconnect the battery, If you can, give the battery an overnight charge every 3-4 months. If you are going to store it for a few weeks before use, keep the battery on charge if possible, the automated cutoff will turn the light on the charger to green indicating that the battery is drawing minimal current to maintain optimal status of the battery.



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