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Electric Skateboard

ARVE UP THE FOOTPATH WITH STYLE: 600 watts of power coupled with a long concaved deck giving you long drawn out turns as you Power UP the Street.

Deck Style: The Division

  • Deep Concave all the better for CARVING style
  • Long Wheel Base gives you a surfing or snowboarding sensation
  • Full Deck Graphics - Fully Painted, a stand out deck

Motor Type: 600 Watts

  • 600 watts -  You can glide down the street like your floating on air.
  • All alloy construction
  • Lithium LifePO4 battery or Sealed lead acid battery.

Wheel Style: Alloy Street

  • Aluminium Rims with hard rubber wheels, plenty of Grip, Durable & Strong.

ABS Braking: Yes
Top Speed
: 33 Km/h
Range: 22Km
: Rechargeable memory free, deep cycle, high output battery pack (quick release)
Charging time: 3-6 hours
Control: Wireless Controller + 3 speed settings, Stepless digital throttle control, 3 speed settings allow fo safer controlled progression of your board skills
Max Load
: 120Kg
Carry Handle:
Safety trip switch
: Yes

FiiK Skateboards step it up a notch with 600 watts of power to the ground!

This is a great longboard, a fantastic sweeping endless wave to be had by all that ride it. And this board STANDS OUT - check out those great graphics. Great concave and an ideal board for all you surfie dudes looking for that wave when the swell is just not happenin'.



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