About Fusionskate

8 wheel skateboard at www.fusionskate.com.auFusionskate is owned by Douglas Mizzi, a veteran skater from the 80's, riding fat boards, fat wheels and raised trucks. After many years break Doug took up skating again with his 10 year old son. Spending time building up the best skateboards he could with classic names such as Powell & Peralta and Wes Humpston Decks, Fat 75mm Orangutang Soft wheels and Indie Trucks, plus all the trimmings such as grab rails and nose/tail protectors, his decks would attract attention wherever they would ride on the Sunshine Coast, QLD and in Melbourne. These decks were and still are a thrill to ride - but something was missing.

Doug with Fiik Street Surfer at www.fusionskate.com.au

Doug would dream of motorised skateboards seeing them in magazines in far away places such as the USA whilst he skated the street of London as a teenager, but those boards were impractical, noisy and impossible to buy. In 2010 Douglas found that missing link when he partnered with a great Australian company Fiik. Sporting locally designed and developed Australian Electric Skateboards that every young skater dreams of.

Understanding sales and marketing, plus a massive amount of passion as an old school rider, the thrill of riding an electric board is unmatched. And so fusionskate.com.au was born as not just a place where you can purchase an electric skateboard, but somewhere that all electric skateboard riders can come together to share ideas, talk about maintenance, purchase spares and parts, events, demo's and ride trips etc.

We understand that as the Electric Skateboarding crews grow all over Australia a new sport is born, so know that fusionskate was there at the beginning growing with you.



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