A brief Introduction to our boards

Our boards are designed and developed here in Australia and are made to strict specification to ensure that you get the best quality board available anywhere. They have taken the Fiik boyz a journey of nearly 10 years from their first inception back in 2000 when they bolted a small 2 stroke motor onto a skateboard to get to where we are today and like all great companies their research and development into electric skateboards is ongoing allowing us to offer great technologies to you as they prove themselves in industry.

Fiik Electric Skateboard Pro Surfer - Fusionskate

Our boards featureFree Delivery on Fiik Electric Skateboard Anywhere in Australia

  • Great Custom Fiik Graphic
  • Solid Quality Multi Laminated Decks
  • Solid Alloy Trucks
  • High Quality Solid Wheels  or Pneumatic Tyres
  • Wireless Remote Handheld Trigger Controller
  • High Quality, High Torque Electric Motors
  • Choice of Lead Acid or Premium Lithium (LifePo4) Batteries
  • Offroad or Onroad Styles Available
  • Suitable From Kids To Adult Sizes
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Free Delivery on ANY Fiik Electric Skateboard across Australia - Delivered to YOUR Door. Why hunt down an electric fiik skateboard, just sit back and order online with confidence through our secure servers and save time, money and petrol !!!



If you really want the best ride experience anywhere, nothing rides like our Lithium LifePo4 battery powered skateboards, with their massive torque for those huge constant rolling hills we just know you wanna skate UP !!!!! with their huge 20+ km range and an on pavement ride of 1.5+ hours, these are the latest, safest technology in batteries in the world.
Or our trusted SLA battery for those great fun times at the weekend, still being able to produce amazing torque to conquer 15-20% hill gradients - going up!! with a rolling time of 40-60 minutes.
One thing is for sure, once you ride one of our boards you will be hooked and these boards are not only for pro street skaters or surfers either, with a little balance in our experience even those who have never ridden a skateboard before will get up and running within half an hour or so.

Fiik Electric Skateboard wireless trigger controller

And unlike a traditional board which takes all that balance with one foot on the board whilst you pound the pavement with your other foot (all very complicated for the 1st timer), our Fiik-boards insist you have two feet on the deck, simply lean forward slightly with your legs bent, apply pressure to the hand trigger slowly and you will start to move, when you want to slow down simple move the trigger away from you and the ABS braking system will be applied - yes ABS braking which allows you to slow down without locking up the wheels and throwing you off. Giving you a super safe and secure ride, knowing you can slow down as you need and as much as you need.

Fiik - Remember the Brand - Accept NO imitations

So make that call and order your Fiik Board Today.....

And happy Fiik-boarding guys and girls from the team at fusionskate.com.au



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