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Fed up paying $1.30 for fuel only to do a few km's for your hard earn't dough. Every time you make a short trip down to the shops to buy some milk or supplies its costing you heaps in fuel just to get there. Now I know that not everyone wants to ride an alternative electric vechicle, but for those of you that are open to something different riding an electric skateboard powered by a lithium battery will cost you about $0.35 for every 100km in running costs. On a full charge these powered electric skateboards will travel around 20km for a total investment of around $0.06 - $0.07 (cents). Thats a massive saving compared to combustable fuels such as petrol, gas or diesel.

On my little petrol powered New VW Beetle with its fuel injected 2.0L engine, it cost me around 8.7Litre to do 100Km at $1.30 per litre that equates to around $11.30, an expensive alternative just for zipping down to the shops a few km's away for some groceries.

Infact this electric skateboard costs 32 times less in fuel costs - that's not taking into account the cost of service, parts, oil, brakes and other consumables associated with a car.

So to conclude:

If you have plenty of quick short trips such as

  • Zipping down to local store ( with 15-16 km round trip)
  • Travelling to school, college, university.
  • Travelling to work (upto15-16km each way - if you can recharge for 5-6 hours at work)
  • Zipping around the city, CBD, or local area
  • Travelling to and from your local central transport hub, such as train or bus station
  • Visiting friends in your local area.

Then you should consider these new, clean, green modes of transport that are more at home on the pavement than in the skatepark.

The benefits of these great street series personal transport electric skateboards

  • Able to be ridden on paths and pavements (depending on your local bylaws)
  • Able to be picked up and carried on bus, train, underground tube, or in boot of car
  • Able to ride up hills with an incline of 15+% (try walking that everyday)
  • Able to be driven safely down hills as they have accurate ABS braking initiated through the handheld trigger controller
  • Zippy and maneuverable.
  • Lightweight with carry handle ( Lithium Models)
  • Significantly easier to learn than a normal skateboard suiting customers from 14-60 years old.

So if you want a cheap transport alternative, something that can zip you around up 25-30kmh and are looing at doing your bit to reduce carbon emmisions, save a heap on ongoing fuel and transport costs and have a really cool ride no matter what age you are then maybe you have found your answer.

For more information on these great boards please vist Fusionskate Electric Skateboards and check out what they have to say...


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